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Published by texasquality on August 27, 2016

Best Soil Testing Kit Reviews

Before conducting any testing on your soil, it is important to understand what soil conditions you are interested in. Many farmers transfer a bag of soil for testing to various institutions or laboratories. However, this can be costly and time-consuming. If you want to keep track of your soil’s activity, it is better to purchase a soil testing kit. There are many soil traits that can be tested which include pH, temperature, total minerals, electrical conductivity, and others. However, it is important to understand the specific type of traits that you want to keep in check. This will enable you to get an exact kit for the precise tests.The soil testing kit should be easy to use with simple and clear instructions for conducting the tests. This should be used with no requirement of experience.

Soil Testing PH Kit

The best soil testing kit should be one that can conduct multiple tests of different elements all at once. The kit should have a chart that will enable you to understand and interpret the results.The testing kit should also have an outline on how to adjust the conditions of the results found. This should indicate how to set the levels to optimum should they be low or high.

The kit should also be tested and proven to be precise for your type of soil. Different soil types have different normal levels, so it is better that the kit you purchase be suitable for your region. Considering the above factors, below are some of the top rated soil testing kits you can get on Amazon;

See full listing here: http://www.forestsoils.org/soil-testing-kits/

Luster Leaf 1601 Rapitest Soil Test Kit

This kit will solve your lawn problems as fast as you need with precise and accurate results. It contains four color comparators with up to forty tests for pH, sodium, potassium, and phosphorus levels. It is simple to use as it has a chart for interpreting the results for up to 100 different plants. Additionally, it has a clear outline on how to regulate the soil conditions.

MacDoDo 3-in-1

This is scientifically tested and proven to be accurate for testing soil pH, moisture, and light levels. It has a plug that is pushed into the soil and does not require battery making it easy to use. This is a perfect solution for adjusting the pH, knowing when to water, and modifying the lighting for your plants. It can be used both for indoor and outdoor gardening services. It can be utilized for a variety of plants including flowers.

MoonCity 3-in-1 Soil Moisture, Light, and pH/acidity Meter Plant Tester

This is a handy and compact kit suitable for outdoor and indoor testing. It easy to use with just pushing it into the ground, you get fast and accurate results. It is suitable for measuring sunlight, moisture, and pH levels for various plants. It does not require any external power source.

Luster Leaf 1880 Rapitest Electronic 4-Way Analyzer

This is a large but simple to use test plate. It measures up to four different levels which include pH, sunlight, moisture, and fertility. It contains clear and broad guidelines on how to adjust the various levels. The kit is suitable for measuring various plants including flowers, vegetables, fruits, grasses, trees, and many others.

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Texas Webhosting Review: Hostgator vs WPEngine

There are several web hosting companies, all with different features and plans. You are always advised to compare and contrast the available web hosts before you settle for one. Here is a brief comparison of Hostgator and WPEngine. As you read through, you will notice that HostGator is by far the better of the two.

Hostgator vs WPEngine

Variety of services.

WPEngine concentrates on WordPress hosting. While it is good to specialize in one line of service delivery, sometimes the option of choosing the best variety out of several others is elusive in this case. HostGator offers what WPEngine offers and more, meaning that it is clearly a better web hosting company. Precisely, it offers shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting and reseller hosting. These options allow a customer to choose what seems to work for them.

Plans and pricing.
WPEngine offers a personal plan, which is a shared webhosting plan for $29/ per month. On the other hand, HostGator offers 3 plans for the shared hosting option, namely: Hatchling plan, Baby plan, and Business plan. The starting price for these plans is $6.95 per month. However, there are various coupons that you can activate and reduce the price to as low as $4.86 per month. HostGator also offers a 45-day full money back guarantee. The prices and options speak for themselves: HostGator is better than WPEngine.

Technical support and customer care
The importance of elaborate customer care in the web hosting business cannot be ignored, and this is another area where HostGator beats WPEngine. While WPEngine does not offer live chat and telephone support, HostGator is keen to communicate with its clients via telephone, live chat, and other platforms to ensure that they do not get bogged down in the process of hosting their website. CPanel and SSH are also missing in WPEngine but are available at HostGator.

Uptime and speed.
While is safe to say that WPEngine guarantees close to 99.9% uptime, it is also safe to say that HostGator offers close to 100% uptime. Uptime is thus satisfactory with both of the two companies, but HostGator is still better, just like it is the case with speed. Both of the two companies offer reliable speed, but a site hosted on HostGator is approximately 18% faster than the same site hosted on WPEngine.

Both Hostgator and WPEngine are reliable, but HostGator always does the extra mile. It offers hosting services that you can rely on always. You can rely on WPEngine whenever you are in need for WordPress hosting, but you can rely on HostGator all the time. That is what makes the difference between the two.

All said and done, however, small the difference in the service delivery of a web hosting company is, you should always stick to the best if you want the best out of web hosting. For this reason, choosing HostGator instead of WPEngine is a step in the right direction. Its rating on the prices, features, speed, uptime, and support is 5/5, compared to WPEngine, whose rating on the same parameters is approximately 4/5.

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The guitar is one of the easiest instruments to learn. However, just like every other instrument, there is no shortcut to becoming a skilled player. Most beginners get overwhelmed and give up after a few practice lessons because of frustration, but with the right instructions, mastering a few basics and grasping new techniques can be a fun and memorable process. Here are a few tips that will help you come up with a learning pattern and make good use of your practice time at any stage of learning:

Guitar Training

1. Concentrate on the basics:

Before you become an expert guitarist there are a few basic chords and strumming techniques you will need to learn. Take time to master all the basic skills and learn them the right way – including notes, rhythm, and picking. Do not be in a hurry as this may lead you to skip some vital lessons. When playing a certain chord, use the correct fingers and ensure the strings sound clearly.

Featured: Guitar Lesson Coupons – Save money on online guitar lessons with providers just as Jamplay.

2. Combine practical and theory lessons:

Effective guitar learning requires that you combine theory and application. Theory sessions provide essential information on how the strings and notes relate to each other, and what the chords are composed of. Such sessions make you understand how important the guitar is to music and build your confidence with the instrument. Practical lessons, on the other hand, give you a chance to exercise what you have learned including changing chords and experimenting with new techniques. They cover everything involved in physically playing the guitar.

3. Incorporate new techniques as you advance:

To have a better learning experience, experiment with new and more complicated strumming and picking techniques besides those taught in beginner classes. This improves your competency and with time, you will be able to improvise unique styles that will form a basis for your own musical exploration.

4. Try various positions:

Play the guitar in different standing and sitting postures. Sling it around your shoulder, or play it while on a chair to master the different effects this has on the sound and personal comfort. Record your sessions to help you identify which positions you need to improve in.

5. Master the difficult chords:

Spend more time and energy on the chords that seem difficult to grasp since they are as important as any other chord that is easy to learn. Chords such as F and B Major prove to be quite a challenge to beginners, but with enough practice, they become every guitarist’s favorite.

6. Learn as a team:

When it comes to the guitar, it is easy to learn more techniques when you play as a team. Other people may have new chords and rhythms that you can borrow and may motivate you to do extra hours. Also, surround yourself with different kinds of musicians so that you do not end up only playing a particular style of music.

7. Get a Metronome:

If you need to work on your tempo, try using a metronome and although it may be difficult to play along the beats at first, with time your sense of rhythm and timing will tremendously improve. Start with slower beats and keep improving with time and practice. Several metronome apps are freely available online.


Guitar Training Coupons

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Acapulco Real Estate Market – The Pride of the Pacific Coast

It is hard to miss the screaming chances for real estate investment in Acapulco if you are truly in the business. For a visiting entrepreneur, the first attraction should be the vast swathes of private land that lie close to the attractive vistas that line the coastline. It is always a wonderful idea to set up villas, apartments, and other residential units in the vicinity of a stunning ocean, pristine beaches, and picturesque lagoons. The attractiveness of Acapulco has always been a magnet that attracts buyers and tenants at any time of the year.

Acapulco Bay

Acapulco is Sufficiently Networked

It is always fair to think of roads, rails, and rivers when considering an ideal place for real estate investment. Naturally, people ask for the advantage of accessibility whenever they think of shifting from an old home to a new one. If the new home is Acapulco, then every investor should remember that the city boasts of an extensive network of roads, railways, and waterways that link it to the rest of Mexico and the rest of the world. The construction of a robust transport infrastructure owes to the fact that Acapulco is a bustling seaport with great economic significance that attracts different types of people throughout the year.

The City’s Splendid Appeal

Nobody wants to set up architectural marvels in a medieval wasteland. That is why investing in Acapulco makes great sense. This vast city features an all attractive spread of imposing works of architecture and great vegetation that defines its grandeur. The beachfront attractions and the skyscrapers give the city an appealing skyline that attracts many visitors who come to savor its splendor. Throughout the year, this city attracts hordes of tourists and property buyers who wish to share in its glamour, both temporarily and for the long term.

Vast Swathes of Private Land

Along the pacific coast, a savvy investor can sample the swathes of private land, which are up for grabs with the guidance of the ready realtors. In fact, these lands are fairly priced as compared to alternative sites in different cities. However, the prices are likely to rise with the growing interest in Acapulco’s real estate investment opportunities. Therefore, this should be the best time for a keen investor to consider some stake in this lucrative part of Mexico. The real estate market in Mexico is relatively stable with predictable patterns, which make the country a lot less risky than many other places. The country’s friendly land policies add an extra reason for positive consideration.

The Advantages of Investing in Mexico

For a long while, Mexico has been attracting positive attention because of a combination of reasons. The country continues to enjoy steady economic growth with growing prospects of increased trade with the United States. Currently, Mexico’s rating as a destination for international travel continues to rise alongside the government’s renewed efforts to enhance security. The country is political stable with an amazing cultural heritage that every visitor and investor feels positive to associate with. Its calm climate and friendly weather patterns make it an ideal place to visit, live, or invest.

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Texas Glass Hummingbird Feeders

Glass Hummingbird Feeders – Texas Quality & Manufactured glass feeders for keeping your Hummingbirds fed.

Bird watching is not only wondrous but an amazing relaxing non-activity. If you live in a location where there are plenty of these little beauties, having a hummingbird feeder eventually adds awesome elements such as peace and tranquility to your outdoor space. Overall, setting up a bird sanctuary, a hummingbird feeder included, will draw hummingbirds right to your backyard, allowing you the chance to keep an eye on these incredibly fine creatures while they are in action.

Hummingbird Feeders

For many people, seeing hummers fly right into their habitat is a positive experience in itself. So if you are interested in making use of a hummingbird feeder so as you can attract more hummingbirds to your home, you are probably on the right track.

However, it’s important to note that hummingbirds tend to be attracted to bright, colorful flowers. It’s believed that the more bright the flower is, the sweeter the nectar inside it. Thus, only specific types of hummingbird feeders will be able to attract these birds. Moreover, if you don’t make them right and also fill them well, chances of you having the birds in your backyard will be close to none.

Creating a quality hummingbird feeder

What exactly makes an excellent hummingbird feeder? Well, first off, you must understand what the little creatures look for- bright colorful flowers.

Remember, the birds have a way of finding out if the nectar inside a specific flower is appealing. So think of your feeder as a flower. You can achieve this in a variety of ways: purchasing ready made hummingbird nectar or creating it yourself by mixing sugar and water.

Choosing the perfect hummingbird feeder

Despite the fact that you can make your own feeders, not every individual is willing to go through the difficulties of having to create their own hummingbird feeders. That’s where ready made feeders come into play. Nonetheless, it gets quite difficult often when deciding which one is the best for you.

Currently, the feeders come in a variety of types and styles:

Glass hummingbird feeders

Glass is a very popular material for feeders. The glass hummingbird feeders come in plenty of shapes and styles to match any decor and personal preference. Some come in swirled designs complete with a whimsical look. Others express an antique look, of course using green glass. However, the dish still remains the most popular style. It features a total of four feeding ports for nectar.

In addition to glass, the feeders are also available in plastic and are often decorated with metal and woods.

Many people use plastic since it’s not only shatterproof but also easy to handle. Furthermore, it’s lighter than glass feeders, which is an essential factor when deciding on mounting/hanging locations.

Latest technology of hummingbird feeders

Top Fill Hummingbird feeder is the newest innovative model of hummingbird feeders to join the above list. It boasts push-pour-pull from Perky Pet.

In addition, it makes cleaning and also filling mess-free. Apart from using patent-pending, sports bottle technology, the feeder can also be filled from the top. This is done by simply pushing the feeding ports to close then pouring in the nectar and thereafter pulling the feeder up to open the feeding ports.

So, while selecting your ideal hummingbird feeder, always put into consideration your personal taste and preference, decor, and mounting location. Also, identify the ones that clean easily and have a limited number of parts that can be separated or broken. As we’ve observed, there are a variety of feeders and so finding the perfect one for your yard shouldn’t be hard.

Why have several hummingbird feeders?

If you happen to have plenty of hummers flying directly to your feeder, then you may possibly have to add the number of the hummingbird feeders you have in your sanctuary. In addition, one feeder may not be enough for a moderately sized garden. So, if possible, have two or several of them in your backyard/sanctuary.

The Dos and Don’ts for Hummingbird feeders

• Hummingbirds are very particular with their food so frequently replenish the content of your feeder
• Ensure you clean your feeders often since hummers are very averse to contaminated surroundings

The Bottom line

Naturally, as we’ve observed, hummingbirds are amazing little creatures that can brighten up any outdoor space and a great way to attract and keep them safe, happy and well-fed is through hummingbird feeders. It’s the ideal bird sanctuary for your backyard.



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Hummingbird Wind Chimes

An awesome slow motion hummingbird footage video brought to you by hummingbird wind chimes. Hummingbirds Plus has been creating wind chimes for over a decade and offers amazing designs to hummingbird lovers everywhere. Special offer get a hummingbird wind chime for 10% off when you use the coupon code: TEXASQUALITY.

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Lake Conroe Texas Real Estate

Patti Shannon Properties is a top solution to rely on when it comes to buying and selling of real estate properties in Conroe, Texas. The company specializes in creating a common platform for buyers and sellers alike so that both the parties may fulfill their needs pertaining to Lake Conroe real estate properties in the best manner possible. The main force behind the company, Patti Shannon has always had the dream of having a boutique-style real estate agency that offers personalized service to buyers and sellers. This way, they can have the ultimate experience as far as real estate properties are concerned.

Lake Conroe TX Real Estaet

Whether you’re looking to sell your property or buy one from others, lake conroe realty texas will be able to help you out. For buyers, the company offers tools that would make it easier to locate the perfect property as per their family’s needs and lifestyle. The company has a team of competent staff members that help their clients in identifying the features that they want for their house and also the community. For sellers, the company ensures that they are able to sell off their properties as quickly as possible at the right price. The company also offers free subscription to its newsletters and monthly updates on market trends and changes in the real estate market.

The company offers a vast array of properties from custom built estates to barren land lots for construction. Properties pertaining to Master Planned Neighborhoods and gated communities are also dealt with by the company. You can also count on Patti Shannon Properties in order to find waterfront homes offering a gorgeous view of Lake Conroe or properties that offer the best country living experience. The company covers a large array of lakeside communities such as Bella Vita, the Cliffs at Southshore, French Quarter, Grand Harbor, Lakeside Place, Gemstone Estates, Outpost Cove, Pelican Bay and Pelican Island, Palm Beach Estates and so on. Thus, you can rest assured that you’ll be spoilt for choice when choosing between homes in a lakeside community.

One of the top reasons why people in Lake Conroe area prefer to work with Patti Shannon Properties is that the company makes the task of buying real estate properties a breeze. Irrespective of your budget, you will be able to find a house that caters to your preferences and requirements because the company has properties in every price bracket starting from USD 125,000 to USD 1,000,000 plus!

Moreover, another good reason to pick the company is that it has been around for quite some time and it has managed to garner a good reputation for itself. In fact, a lot of its past clients have rated Patti Shannon five on five when it comes to competency, market knowledge, communication skills and overall service. A detailed report card from the company’s past clients can be accessed from the company’s official website. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for the company, so it aims at developing long term relationships with its clients and strives hard to achieve excellence in its services!


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Galveston Texas Real Estate

To be a successful entrepreneur, you must see opportunity where others don’t. Most of the rich people throughout history have been known to have this one common thing; they build successful businesses and then accelerate their wealth through real estate. They take great risks when the talking heads only fear to venture into this lucrative business. Knowledge is key to success. There could be potential investors who do not really understand the opportunities that Galveston Texas real estate offers.

Galveston Texas Real Estate Market

This is what real estate in Galveston, Tiki Island, Galveston Island, Dickinson, Kemah, Friendswood, Bayou Vista and the surrounding areas has for you:

1. An opportunity to sell your home at the fairest price

Real estate agents know the real estate market in Galveston, Texas. They have access to recent data about sales in your locality and can help you to sell your home accordingly. They also have access to the MLS(Multiple Listing Service), a database of current homes for sale. By hiring an agent, you ensure that information about your home is instantly available to potential buyers in and around Galveston.

A reputable real estate company will help you to get your houses ready for sale, point out zoning violations if any, and suggest what improvements will ensure it fetches the highest price.
2. An opportunity to buy your desired home

When buying a home in Galveston, it would be too tiresome and time consuming to find exactly what you desire. This is the reason Galveston Texas real estate companies are dedicated to helping you have an enjoyable home buying experience. You can expect a competitive agent to:

– Take the details of the desired house and provide you with relevant properties that are on sale
– Answer all the questions about the listed properties
– Arrange for inspection of the property
– Provide a copy of the seller’s statement and contract of sale when they are available
– Communicate your genuine offers to the seller
– Organize for the signing of the contract of sale

All these make the home-buying process smooth, avoiding delays, misinformation and fraud.

3. Real estate for investors

Investing in real estate has increasingly gained popularity as a common investment vehicle for over 50 year now. Below are three ways in which you can reap greatly form real estate:
a). Basic rental properties – An investor buys a property and rents it out to a tenant. As the landlord, the investor pays the mortgage, taxes and the costs of maintenance. After the mortgage has been paid, majority of the rent from the property becomes the investor’s profit.

b). Real estate investment groups – These are like small mutual funds for rental properties. A company buys or builds apartment blocks or condos and then allows investors to purchase them through the company, thus joining the group. As an investor, you can own multiple units of the apartment, but the company manages all the units. You therefore escape the hassles of being the landlord.

c). Real estate trading – Traders buy a property, holds it for a short period of time and then sells for a profit. This is called flipping, and can be said to be the most risky option that real estate investors take. It is based on buying either significantly undervalued properties or properties that are in very hot market.

Galveston Texas real estate is a great opportunity for anyone intending to buy, sell or invest in properties.

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Houston Texas Real Estate

For the last 10 years, the city of Houston Texas has experienced an upward curve in terms of real estate investment options and in revenues. Perhaps this should not come as a surprise as the city is the fourth largest in the country. Houston samples a diverse array of real estate options for developers and property owners. These premises range from residential areas to commercial enterprises and even vacant land. Houston Texas real estate has a lot of players, all working towards completing real estate deals and regulating the entirety of the industry.

Houston Real Estate

Investment options

Investing in Houston is quite easy if you know where to look. Metropolitan Houston is one of the busiest areas in Texas, boasting a population of over 6 million residents. If you are looking for urban charm, you can always go with areas like Montrose, which has a dazzling array of options whether you are looking for vacant land or developed premises. Suburbs such as Katy and the Woodlands are great options for those who want the aura of the suburb. Supposing you are a beach enthusiast or a homeowner who wishes to buy a retirement beachfront home, then the options are unlimited. You could go for Point Bolivar, Kemar or Galveston.

A look at the real estate considerations for Texas

If you are a real estate enthusiast wishing to invest in residential properties, you need to pay attention and ensure that you only go for properties near areas with dense populations. In most cases, those are the places where jobs are. Houston is popular as an energy hub, so you are going to find a lot of people settling near the industries. If you are a homeowner, you can always choose to lease or buy land away from all the din of the metropolis. Galleria is one of the most obvious choices for those interested in developing property, while the far west works for those who wish to tap into the commercial potential of the city.

Exploring the urban area of Houston

For a long time, Houston was predominantly suburban. However, there has been a shift in the focus of the residents and property developers of the city, with previously neglected concerns springing to life with a sense of enthusiasm unique to metropolitan areas. Currently, some of the hottest properties in Houston Texas real estate include River Oak, the West University Place as well as a few other areas.

The East End

This area has recently acquired a new life, especially after the completion of the BBVA Compass Stadium, which hosts the MLS team by the name Houston dynamos. The performance of the team in the MLS has undoubtedly led to an increased attention being focused toward the residential and commercial options available around. The East End is a favorite among developers and those willing to settle because of its access to Buffalo Bayou, which is by far the largest waterway in Houston, TX.

The coast

This is where NASA scientists like to live, because they enjoy the outdoors. If you are a kindred spirit, you can chase the options on Clear View Lake. You can also check out Lake Houston, which is pretty close to George Bush Airport.



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